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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dr. Manmohan meets President Bush - Post 002

The Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and the American President George W. Bush had some time back scheduled a very important meeting in Japan. The meeting was to discuss the progress of the Indo-US nuclear deal that both the governments were planning to sign in the near future.

Well, as everyone knows, the meeting was a pre-breakfast one at 6.30 in the morning. Our PM was sharp on time as he rang the bell of the Presidential suite. However, he was taken aback when the President of the USA himself opened the door – with an electronic toothbrush in his mouth. He gestured to the PM to walk in as he rushed back to the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth.

As he came out again he said, “Mr. Prime Minister, I am so sorry but I over slept. Make yourself comfortable. I will just bring out my treadmill and do my exercise for 15 minutes. Of course, I will not be able to talk to you as the music will be on at the same time. Anyway, I have something for you to pass your time. Laura dear could you please give the PM the wedding album of our daughter? He would be happy to see the pictures.”

“But Mr. President, I have come to report the progress we have made on the important agreement that you and I signed in July 2005.”

“Aw Mr. Prime Minister, I sign so many agreements. Early morning, I cannot recollect the agreement you are referring to. Just let me finish my treadmilling and, then, perhaps I may remember. In the meanwhile have a look at the pictures.”

Fifteen minutes later, our poor PM has gone through the album thrice and knows by then all the guests by sight who attended the wedding of the President’s daughter.

The President finishes what he called his treadmilling and says, “Mr. PM, you will have to excuse me again for another 15 minutes as I have to shower.”

“But Mr. President, the agreement ..”

“Oh, yea. I vaguely remember it now. Was it about global warming? Or, was it about Iran? Anyways, let me go for my shower and I may remember some more details of our agreement. Laura darling could you give the esteemed Prime Minister of India our wedding album to while away his time whilst I get dressed.”

After another 15 minutes the President comes out looking fresh and glowing and our poor PM is wilting. He has just endured going through the President’s wedding pictures. “Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for being so patient. Mr. Prime Minister, you are aware how much I respect you and your great country but I am sorry that at this moment I have to have an important confidential talk with Condi. We have to give a fresh threat to Iran as the oil prices have started coming down. Please excuse me for a little while. Laura sweet heart can you get my father’s wedding album for the honored Prime Minister of India? And Laura, whilst you are about it, also my childhood pictures album. I do not know how long I will take with Condi.”

Forty-five minutes have passed since the PM came to meet the President. The PM is decidedly looking pale. He has just seen the photographs of the three generations of Bushes. Finally, the Prez emerges and says, “Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, Condi just told me it is the nuclear deal we have to discuss. I had thought that the deal had already gone through because I found you so supportive of our policies on Iran in the last 3 years - just as it was envisaged in the Hyde Act. By the way, in a few hours from now, we are going to let out that Israel may bomb the nuclear facilities of Iran. Then, Mr. Prime Minister, see the oil prices rise. I love yo-yo-ing the oil prices”

“Yes Mr. President. Mr. President for the nuclear deal, the commies of our country are giving us a lot of trouble. But not to worry, I have just sent the safeguard agreement to IAEA without their knowledge. Boy, they are going to get mad when they find out.”

“Mr. Prime Minister, thank you very much for coming. Let us meet the media that is waiting out.”

The PM could only utter, “I was with the President for 50 minutes and I already feel like a family.”

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