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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mr. Speaker Sir, May I Speak

Mr. Speaker Sir,

The Hon’ble members of the 14th Lok Sabha have spoken on the motion of confidence moved by the Hon’able Prime Minister. They have also concluded their ‘deals on the deal’ and voted accordingly. May I address you now Hon’able sir?

What makes you feel that you have the right to address me?

Sir, I am the woman for whom the Indo-US nuclear deal is being signed. It is to give me energy that the governments of India and America are working so hard to have the deal signed. Therefore, I wish to say something in this regard.

Okay, you may go ahead.

Thank you sirjee. Mr. Speaker Sir, you may have heard that Rahul baba thinks that my cause of backwardness is lack of energy. He said so in the Parliament. Therefore, he is proposing to get electricity, at whatever cost, so that I can have light in my life.

Sir, onche log ke khyal bhi kitne oonche hote hai. Sir, I am very greatful to Rahul baba for getting the light for me but sir from where will I have money to buy that light? However, with your permission, I would like to make a humble suggestion and I hope the baba log of this House, most of them educated abroad, will not be offended.

Yes, go ahead.

Sir, if instead of giving such large sums to foreign companies for the nuclear reactors and the nuclear fuel, can we not spend a small fraction of the same money to create facilities for rain harvesting? My crops fail not because of lack of energy but lack of water. Sir, have you heard of Rajendra Singh?

You mean Rajendra Kumar the film actor?

No, no sir. Not the actor but Rajendra Singh the Magsaysay award winner for rain-harvesting. He has made so many villages of Rajasthan drought free.

No, no. I have not heard about him. In our party we are not allowed to read about BJP ruled states.

Sir, it is said that thanks to Rajendra Singh saheb five rivers of Alwar are seeing life after death. It is also said that he along with the villagers, was instrumental in rejuvenating River Ruparel that started flowing perennially after three decades.

Chhota mooh aur badi baat karma nahi chhahti hoon phir bhi I have heard from our sarpanch that the nuclear waste from nuclear reactors will remain radio active for thousands of years. Sir, Rajendra Singh bought dead rivers back to life but I do not know what we are goint to bequeath our future generations – I hope they find some way to deal with the radio active material.

Sir, I would like to end my address to you with a message of hope. Sir, you will have to excuse me if I go back to Rajendra Singh for the last time. When Rajendra Singh was asked, “Is it possible for other villages in India to replicate your success in making Rajasthan drought-free?” He said, “Definitely. Not only in India, it is possible throughout Asia.”

Sir, I hope Rahulji will bring rainwater harvesting to Maharashtra and all the other states before bringing energy we cannot afford. I would like to thank you for giving me a patient hearing. Dhanyawaad.

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